Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars

Woah! My childhood is flashing before my eyes! I loved watching Sailor Moon as a kid, and that series will always hold a special place in my heart. I made this fanart lovin' with ink and watercolor.

Here's an ink and marker drawing I made for someone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is an illustration I made for Burning Heart celebrating the Fourth of July. I think it turned out pretty cool!

Here's a little media test. It's a doodle of April from my webcomic Burning Heart. I just wanted to see how Bristol paper would take watercolors.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sailor Jupiter Doodle

Here's a sketch of Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon.  I was just messing around with the brushes in Photoshop.

The Dancers

Here's an illustration a made for a man who owns a dance studio.  Pretty fun, huh?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jonas Joshua Ink Doodle

I started playing with a new brush for inking and did a couple doodles. This is of Jonas Joshua from my webcomic Burning Heart.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A commission I did of characters from the webcomic Intragalactic.  Made with brush pen and Photoshop.

Strange Pets

Haha!  A fun comic I made after having a conversation late at night.  Made with brush pen and Photoshop.

Paper Venus

Here's a new look I'm working with.  I hope to post more pieces in this style soon.  Made in Photoshop.


Here's a silly comic that someone commissioned of an inside joke.  I still think it's enjoyable for everyone, though!  Made with marker.

Jill Valentine and Shantae

Jill Valentine and Shantea are dancing!  A fun little commission I made.  Made with ink and marker.

General Blue

I don't know why, but General Blue from Dragonball is my second favorite character from the whole series.

Benjamynn and Johnathan Chibis

These are chibis of Ben and John from my webcomic Burning Heart.  Made with ink and Photoshop.

Jade and April Chibis

These are chibis I made of Jade and April from my webcomic Burning Heart to use on the site.  Made with ink and Photoshop.

Bonovan and Puddin' Chibis

Here are some chibis I made for my group webcomic Burning Heart.  Made with ink and Photoshop.


This is fanart of Kaiya from Will Nix's Elemental Breakers comic.  Pretty cool!  Check it out.  Made with ink.

Ness Wants to Play

Another request by my boyfriend.  This is Mx-style bishounen Ness from the Mother franchise, also known as Earthbound.  Haha!  He's so Abercrombie and Fitch in my style!  Made with ink.

Lusty Lucas

Haha!  I made this at the request of my boyfriend.  It's Mx-style bishounen Lucas from Mother 3!  Crazy!  Made with ink.

Jessie and Misty

A marker drawing of Jessie and and Misty (game version) from Pokemon.  Man, I heart Pokemon and I'm not afraid to say it!  I wish I were in Team Rocket.  Made with markers.

Punk Rocker Cowboy

Made for a gallery at Store 101.  Made with ink and watercolor.

Chubby Cowgirl

Made for a gallery at Store 101.  Made with ink and watercolor.

Marth/Yoshi vs Link/Epona

Wasn't this battle destined to happen one day?  Marth wins.

Marth and Yoshi

Marth and Yoshi – the ultimate team!...maybe...

Cutie Trunks

This is a fun little doodle I made of Trunks from DragonballZ.  Made with marker.


Tide from my Guardians comic.  He's a mermain type thinger with the ability to manipulate water!  Made with ink and watercolor.


A doodle of orchids from the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  Made with ink and watercolor.

Tintin's Got It in Him

Herge's Tintin as I see him.  Don't let the innocent-kid-in-knickers look fool you.  Tintin will pop a cap you yo butt!  I had waaay too much fun drawing this.  Made with ink and watercolor.

Perry and the Plum Flower Poles

Perry Winkle from my comic KO's as he walks past the plum flower poles used for kung fu training.  Made in ink and watercolor.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh That Tony Stark

Here's a little something I popped out after watching Iron Man. Yeah, Tony Stark made that movie for me. I could care less about his alter ego! I just want to watch him run around being a jerk to everyone. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

The Chosen Kid

A one panel gag comic doodle. I feel like I've been seeing this plot in a lot of movies recently. I thought we'd left the "White kid, you are the chosen savior" plot in the mid-90's, but apparently they're having a resurgence. Made with markers.

Zoro Doodle

Here's a watercolor doodle of Zoro from Eiichiro Oda's comic "One Piece." What a hard character! This guy is beefy. If he's not bleeding profusely, he's not taking the fight seriously.

Sanji Doodle

Here's a watercolor doodle of my favorite character from Eiichiro Oda's comic "One Piece." Man, I love that comic. It's too good! If you aren't all ready, you should read it, too. Go ahead and pick up a copy in your local bookstore!

Kali Collie

Haha! I still love this picture. It's a little doodle I made for a friend's birthday of a collie dog doing Kali, the Filipino martial art. Made with colored pencil and watercolor.

Working the Bag

I made this some time ago. Can this be called a pinup? Maybe. I have a fascination with martial arts, so drawing a guy practicing on a punching bag is pretty cool by my standards. Steamy! Made with ink and watercolor.

Don't Be a Hater

Fat or skinny, don't be a hater! This is a special spot illustration I made for my friend, Clinton, after he was being given a hard time for the types of women he draws. Made with ink and watercolor.

Some of My Favorite Things

Haha! This may be silly, but it was sure fun to make! It's an illustration of myself and some of my favorite foods. I really enjoyed rendering all the food. Made with ink and watercolor.

Len in the Bamboo Forest

This is a little sketch I inked and colored some time ago. It's Len from my comic "KO's"! He may look like he's taking a lovely stroll through the bamboo forest, but really he's probably lost. Made with ink and marker.

Crocodile Sitter 2

Another page from "The Crocodile Sitter." This poor little girl's been forced into baby sitting all these little crocodiles! They are darn cute though, aren't they?

Crocodile Sitter 1

This is from another children's book I wrote and illustrated called "The Crocodile Sitter." Made with ink and watercolor back in 2006.


A silent sort of picture from Balloon County. I wanna live up in the clouds. Made with ink and watercolor.

Directions in Balloon County

Another page from Balloon County wherein one of the main characters asks for directions. Navigating the open skies can be confusing! Made with ink and watercolor.

Cloud Crab Encounter

Beware the cloud crabs that loom across Balloon County! I made this as a page of a children's book I wrote and illustrated. This was made back in spring of 2007. Ink and watercolor (my favs!)